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Our mission is to work in partnership with a client to develop a financial plan which insures securing a financing in a timely and cost effective manner and to guide the company to position themselves in such a manner and that best accentuates their growth plans and vision to the financial community.

Public Mergers knows that completing a successful financing is often a critical step in completing a reverse merger. Therefore, we have developed ten important guidelines for attracting growth capital.

PublicMergers begins by developing a thorough understanding of the client and their industry.

PublicMergers reviews the company’s operational and management capabilities.

PublicMergers assists the company in developing and writing a business plan.

PublicMergers may, on an interim basis, perform as the company’s off premises CFO advising in such areas as the allocation of the company’s assets and resources.

PublicMergers may make suggestions, if needed, for the continued growth of management.

PublicMergers does an analysis of the client’s capital requirements based upon the company’s growth plans.

PublicMergers then assists in developing the plan to go public and secure financing in a timely and cost effective manner.

PublicMergers has several flexible options for assisting a company in becoming public.

PublicMergers consults with management on a continuous basis to coordinate the company’s financial plan in relation to its operating plan.

PublicMergers creates agendas for all meetings and telephone conferences.

PublicMergers will communicate with the company designees once a month on what has been accomplished for the company that month.

Strategic financial planning consultations usually start prior to the client’s decision on going public and continue through the closing.

For more information on going public through a reverse merger and details on public shells currently available, please contact us.

PublicMergers performs no underwriting function and acts solely on behalf of a client company in providing in-house financial advisory services. Although the consulting services of PublicMergers may include general advice and consultation regarding general legal topics relating to the consulting services to be rendered, particularly with respect to areas of financial expertise of PublicMergers, the services rendered by PublicMergers do not include the rendition of professional legal services or any specific legal service, advice or consultation by any affiliate of PublicMergers. PublicMergers is not a Broker Dealer or registered with FINRA or the SEC. PublicMergers will not accept broker fees or compensation for raising capital.

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